what you can do to reduce heating costs

what you can do to reduce heating costs

  • OSB VS. Plywood

    Whether you are employed in the construction industry or you are just an avid do-it-yourself homeowner who enjoys working on projects around the house, you may be wondering what the difference is between common plywood and oriented strand board (OSB). This guide will provide you with the pros of each building material. What Is OSB? Oriented strand board is engineered lumber that is made from strands of wood mixed with adhesives and compressed.

  • Understanding Your Water Well: A Do It Yourself Project Vs. Having A Professional Do The Work For You

    If you are considering building a water well on your own, the amount of work required will depend on the type of rock you need to drill through in order to reach your water table. If you have neighbors that have also built a well, it won't hurt to ask what methods they used in order to get a well for their home. In addition, you can speak to your county clerk's office to see if there are any records regarding the geology of the spot of your well.

  • Converting Your Basement To Usable Living Space

    There are a lot of fun things you can do with your basement if you decide you want to convert it to usable space in your home. You will need to take a few steps to ensure that you can use the space with damage to furnishing and depending on if it is finished or not, you will most likely want to finish it before using it. But why not make space a part of your home and enjoy it instead of just walking over it and wondering what lives down there in the dark?

  • 2 Important Reasons To Hire A Professional To Clean Your Drain

    While it might be tempting for you to clean your own drain if you notice that it is starting to become clogged, or even has a severe clog, this likely isn't going to be the best way to go about doing things. You likely don't have a lot of knowledge about drain cleaning, and could end up either not getting the results that you were hoping for, and could potentially even do more harm than good.

  • 3 Home Remedies You Can Use To Try And Unclog A Stubborn Drain

    The drain in your bathroom or kitchen sink is probably not something you spend a whole lot of time thinking about, but it can sure mess up your day in a hurry if it suddenly becomes clogged and you can no longer use that sink. While you could certainly try calling a plumber or drain cleaning service to get the problem fixed, there might be a way to fix the problem on your own, using items that you already have at home.

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what you can do to reduce heating costs

Does your heating bill send you into a state of shock? If so, now is the time for you to begin making changes to your home to bring the cost of heating your home down. In years past, my heating bill was actually more than my mortgage was. It really made getting through the winter difficult for my family. I decided to do something about the high bills. I started with insulation, then invested in some new windows, and I also changed the way that we used our utilities. You can learn everything that I did to reduce my heating bill so that you can cut your heating bill as well.