what you can do to reduce heating costs

what you can do to reduce heating costs

  • 7 Holiday Home Safety Tips

    The holiday season is a merry, joyous time for you and your family, but it can also pose hidden safety hazards. While decorating your home and celebrating with friends and family, just be sure to also be mindful of things like fire hazards, home security, and other potential safety issues. Here are seven home safety tips to get you and your loved ones safely through a happy holiday season: Have Your Electrical Inspected

  • Signs Your Roof May Need A Midlife Makeover

    Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It shelters you from the elements and helps to keep your indoor climate just right. When cared for properly, you can expect your roof to last for several decades. Proper maintenance goes a long way to keeping your roof in good condition, but you need to know what problems to look for as your roof ages. Help it age gracefully by learning how to check for these three potential midlife problems.

  • How To Revive An Ailing Apple Tree

    Do you have an apple tree that looks a bit worse for wear and does not really produce fruit anymore? If the tree is very old and approaching its 100-year life expectancy, then it may not be worth trying to revive it. However, if you know for a fact that a tree has plenty of yeas left, then it is worth your while to put a little work into it to revive it and encourage it to produce again.

  • When Rubber Hits Your Roof: Understanding And Maintaining Rubber Shingles

    Owning a house can be stressful, but with periodic updates and repairs, it can be a worthwhile investment. From cleaning your home's exterior and mowing your lawn to repairing a broken faucet, these tasks protect your home's appeal and function. Considering your roof encompasses a large portion of your home's purpose and value, ensuring it is in good condition is smart. Thankfully, replacing traditional asphalt shingles with rubber shingles offers tremendous benefits.

  • Small Business Savings: Making Your Company More Energy Efficient

    If you spend a good deal of money each month on business utilities at a rented store or office building, you can cut back on expenditures by implementing ways to reduce how much energy you use to cool your building. Commercial air conditioning is a necessity for most modern businesses, but you can still enjoy some savings (and reduce your environmental footprint) by considering some of the following suggestions for your business.

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what you can do to reduce heating costs

Does your heating bill send you into a state of shock? If so, now is the time for you to begin making changes to your home to bring the cost of heating your home down. In years past, my heating bill was actually more than my mortgage was. It really made getting through the winter difficult for my family. I decided to do something about the high bills. I started with insulation, then invested in some new windows, and I also changed the way that we used our utilities. You can learn everything that I did to reduce my heating bill so that you can cut your heating bill as well.