what you can do to reduce heating costs

what you can do to reduce heating costs

A Look At Three Ways Retractable Screens Have Evolved Into "Smart" Home Features

by Mia Kuhn

Integrating technology with general furnishings around the house has afforded some amazing conveniences to enjoy at home. You can have intelligent light systems that illuminate your path automatically from room to room. You can turn on your home security system when you are miles away. And even your outdoor living space may have a few smart features.

Outdoor living implements may not get quite as many upgrades when it comes to technology, but even something as seemingly simplistic as retractable screens can have pretty savvy technological features. Check out a few of the interesting ways modern-day retractable screen systems fit right into the "smart home" idea.

Self-Cleaning Features Prevent Dirty Screens 

Retractable screens, just like screens on your windows, are filled with small perforations to allow air to flow through. Over time, especially if you live in a dusty area, the small perforations in your screens can collect dust and debris, as you have probably noticed with your window screens. The best retractable screens, however, are outfitted with a self-cleaning feature; the screen itself can be installed with a brush roller that cleans the mesh-like material as the screen is rolled down. The brush roller is typically in a horizontal housing where the screen rolls in and out of across the top of the unit. 

Sun-Sensing Technology Delivers Shade When You Need It 

Retractable screens can be installed primarily to block out the sun on patios, porches, or other outdoor living areas. If you prefer to have responsive screens that automatically go in place to protect you from the sun, a contractor can help make that happen. By installing sun sensors that get wired into an electrical retractable screen system, the screens can be set up to automatically come down when the sun gets to a certain brightness level. With this smart feature, you could rest assured your outdoor living space would be shaded when the sun is shining bright. 

Wind-Detection Sensors Keep Your Screens Protected 

Heavy winds can be one of the biggest threats to a retractable screen system when the screens are left in place and the wind moves through the area. If you leave your screens down to protect your porch or outdoor living space often, you may be interested in wind-detection sensors. These sensors can automatically trigger the screens to retract when winds hit a preprogrammed level or simply when the sensors detect wind at all. 


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what you can do to reduce heating costs

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