what you can do to reduce heating costs

what you can do to reduce heating costs

4 Methods Residential Excavation Services For Safety During Your Project

by Mia Kuhn

Whether you are having a pool installed, some grade work done, or other work done that involves major digging, a residential excavation service can help. These well-trained professionals use heavy-duty excavators to pull dirt from the ground in the safest way possible. Take a look at some of the safety measures you may see taken before and during the excavation project on your property. 

Efforts will be made to mark the exact locations of underground lines. 

In residential areas, one of the biggest risks of performing excavation work is the presence of underground utility lines. For example, natural gas or electricity lines could pose dangers if the lines were broken during the digging. For this reason, the service providers will usually arrange for any existing lines to be appropriately marked before the work begins. You, as the property owner, may be responsible for arranging for the line marking by speaking with the local utility companies. 

Barricades may be installed around the excavation site. 

Barricades are commonly erected by the residential excavation service professionals to prevent anyone from inadvertently accessing the dig site. While the types of barricades used can vary depending on the nature of the product, some of the most common types are freestanding pieces that have flexible nets between them. These barricades should not be moved by anyone other than the service professionals. 

Signs may be posted to warn of work being performed

Excavation work can leave large openings in the ground, sudden and unexpected terrain changes, and other safety concerns for people who may be traveling through the area on foot, by bicycle, or even in a vehicle. If the work is being performed in an area that could be prone to a lot of traffic, the residential excavation service may post warning signs around the dig site to alert people. These signs are usually posted several feet from the dig site and may be mounted on freestanding posts. As the work is being performed, be sure that you are mindful of any signs posted in the area. 

Temporary support may be installed for existing structures. 

Disrupting the ground can naturally generate some instability to the surrounding areas. Therefore, if there are structures near the dig site, the residential excavation team may have to do some work ahead of the dig to stabilize existing structural foundations. For instance, if you are having a pool dug in your backyard and you have a garage nearby, the excavators may bring in contractors to stabilize the foundation of the garage in advance of the digging. 


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what you can do to reduce heating costs

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