what you can do to reduce heating costs

what you can do to reduce heating costs

All You Need To Know About Getting A Land Survey

by Mia Kuhn

Buying property will also have its bumps in the road, which is why you should control as much as you can about the process. Getting a land survey should be one of the last steps that you take before closing on a piece of real estate or land. Professional surveyors are helpful at making sure that you get the full picture of your land, so you can make an informed business and financial decision. Here are some things that you should know about getting professional land surveys.

1. The property survey is a step that shouldn't be skipped if you're buying land or real estate

It's important to realize that property surveys are not optional. This is an order of business that truly lets you know what you're getting from the property that you're planning to buy. It's a decision that will help you avoid immediate problems and also prevent future problems. You will establish your legal right to the property and will know your rights if a neighbor is trying to erect a fence or build a private road. Land surveys come in handy for geometric, physical political, definitional, and location-based boundary disputes. Getting the land survey right now can help keep you out of court tomorrow.

2. Familiarize yourself with what happens during a professional land survey

So what happens when you get a professional land survey? For one, the surveyor will assess the property and write up an overview that will go on the deed. The surveyor will make notes about the geographic setting, elevation, and the overall nature of the property. Their expertise allows these surveyors to point out potential liabilities or risks that you might deal with in the future. The reason that this land survey is usually the last thing that you do before closing is that most banks and credit unions require a survey before they will release funding.

3. Ask your land surveyor some questions before hiring them for service

You need to trust that you hired the right land surveyor to complete the work. When you meet with them, ask up front how much they charge for their surveys. Professional land surveys cost $300-$950 on average. Also, make sure to get some preliminary questions out of the way, such as confirming that they are licensed, and asking about how many people work on their surveying crews.

Use these three tips if you need land surveying services, or check out a website like http://www.burgetassociatesinc.com.


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what you can do to reduce heating costs

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