what you can do to reduce heating costs

what you can do to reduce heating costs

Boutique Beautification: Commercial Improvements You Are Allowed To Do

by Mia Kuhn

Spend any time in a major shopping mall and you will see how boutique spaces are rapidly transformed. Every time one store closes and another opens in its place, the entire boutique space is revamped to represent the franchise or brand that will be operating in that space. If you are looking at the possibility of opening your own boutique, here are the beautifications you are allowed to do. 


Paint the walls, paint the shelves you have installed, and paint the exterior. All of these are typically allowed when you agree to lease a boutique space inside a mall. You will likely need to hire a commercial tenant improvement contractor to ensure that any changes to the store fall in line with the leasing agreement. 


Mall leasing agreements will allow a certain number of wall shelves in specified locations. Everything else typically has to fit the floor space provided. If you have window display space, nothing can be bolted down to the elevated display floor in the window. If you need more wall shelving, you will have to get express permission from the mall's owners to have the extra shelving installed. Whether or not there is a surcharge for the extra wall shelving is up to the mall's owners. 

Door Security

Most malls have no problem with you installing various security measures, including door alarm systems. These are bolted to the floor in front of the door or entryway. Anti-theft tags are allowed as well, as are reflective mirrors that will help you make sure that you can see reflections that will help you keep an eye on any "blind" corners of your store. 

Placement of Your Cash Registers

Sometimes the mall requires that cash registers be located centrally within each store. At other times, the mall may give you a couple of options where you can place your registers. The latter may require relocating a lot of electrical wiring in order to operate your registers, which is why some malls only allow the centrally located registers. If you are given the option of placing your registers in just about any space in the store, consider placing them closer to the front of the store near the doors, where you can watch customers come and go without worrying about theft of merchandise or criminal activity.

To learn more about the types of commercial tenant improvements that can be made, contact a contractor for these services in your area.


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what you can do to reduce heating costs

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