what you can do to reduce heating costs

what you can do to reduce heating costs

Time For New Windows? 4 Tips for a Stress-Free Installation

by Mia Kuhn

If your home isn't as energy efficient as you'd like it to be, you need to take a closer look at your windows. You might not realize this, but you could be losing a lot of energy right through the glass, especially if you've got old single-pane windows in your home. Installing new energy-efficient windows will improve energy efficiency and give you a better view of the outside world. Here are four tips that will help ensure a stress-free installation.

1. Cover Your Furniture

Window installation is a messy job. There's going to be a lot of dust flying around your house while your new windows are being installed. The construction crew will do their best to keep the cleanup to a minimum, but there will still be some dust that you'll need to eliminate once they leave. To make the cleanup a bit easier, cover your furniture with sheets before the construction crew arrives. Once they leave, you can toss the sheets in the washer and put your house back in order.

2. Provide Adequate Access

Your construction crew will need plenty of room to move around while they're installing your new windows. The first thing you'll need to do is move all your furniture away from the windows. Next, take the curtains and shades down to provide access to the windows. Finally, take a look outside. If you have patio furniture up against your windows, you'll need to move it to a safer location. Also, if you have shrubbery that limits access to the windows, it's a good idea to prune them down for the installation. Anything you can do to provide easy access to the windows will promote a smoother installation.

3. Arrange for Child Care

There's going to be a lot of action around your home while your windows are being installed. If you have small children, it's a good idea to arrange child care for them. The loud noises and blowing dust may be uncomfortable for your little ones. This is particularly true if you have small children that require naps during the day.

4. Put Your Pets in the Kennel

If you have pets, send them to a kennel during your window installation. You'll want to have them at a safe location while the contractors are in your home. First, the interruption of their normal routine may cause them to become irritable, which could lead to issues with biting. Unfortunately, if your dogs bite the construction workers, you could be liable for the injuries. Second, the noise and confusion could cause your pets to run away.

If new windows are on the schedule, use the tips provided here to eliminate some of the stress. For more helpful tips on your residential window replacement, visit http://www.gulfcoastbuildersinc.com


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what you can do to reduce heating costs

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