what you can do to reduce heating costs

what you can do to reduce heating costs

Four Consequences Of Improper Air Conditioner Maintenance

by Mia Kuhn

An improperly maintained air conditioning system can pose a number of issues for both homes and businesses. Yet, these systems will frequently fall into disrepair due to individuals taking them for granted. There are a few particularly common issues that this mistake could cause your building to experience.

Air Quality Problems

A noticeable decrease in air quality can be one of the more immediate and obvious issues that improper air conditioner care can cause. This occurs because regular service visits will help to clean dust and dirt from around the air intake vents, which can reduce the particulate matter floating in the air in your building. You may further improve the air quality of your building by having the ducting cleaned as much of the dust that enters the system will settle in these components.

Higher Energy Expenses

Another major issue that improper care can cause is a steady increase in the costs of running the unit. This can be due to the mechanical and electrical parts of the system becoming dirty or misaligned. Additionally, low lubrication could also contribute to higher energy costs as more energy will be required to overcome the additional friction.

Reduced Comfort

Overall decreases in cooling performance can be another consequence of failing to care for the air conditioning unit. Over the course of time, the condensation coils will become dirty and the refrigerant may start to degrade. Unfortunately, cleaning these coils can be extremely difficult due to their locations. Also, handling the refrigerant can be hazardous as this is a toxic substance. Luckily, these steps will be part of a standard air conditioning service visit for most technicians. 

Potential Fire Hazards

In addition to performance issues that you will be able to readily notice, there can be more subtle and dangerous problems with improperly caring for these systems. An example of this will be that these systems can put your home at a higher risk of suffering a fire. This can occur as the wiring in these systems can degrade, and without regular service visits, this problem may go undiscovered until it poses a serious threat to the house.

While you may assume that your air conditioning system will not require any regular maintenance, this can expose you to a number of potential problems. After you understand that failing to care for an air conditioning system can lead to problems such as low air quality, ineffective cooling, higher energy costs and fire hazards, protecting your building against air conditioning problems will be easier.


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what you can do to reduce heating costs

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