what you can do to reduce heating costs

what you can do to reduce heating costs

Benefits Of Using Live Edge Wood

by Mia Kuhn

Since live edge slab is being used in more construction projects, you may wonder what it can do for your home remodel or construction project. The following is a discussion of some of the ways that live edge slab can improve your project. 

It's Beautiful

Live edge slab is cut in a way that it preserves the texture and appearance of the original wood slab. This has numerous positive effects on the look of your project. For one, the texture of the wood is visually appealing in many contexts. Since the original rings and uniqueness of the particular tree will be retained in the surface of the wood, it is also a way to guarantee that any project that you use live edge slab for will be visually unique. Many woodworkers are also fond of working with live edge slab because it is one way to honor the tree that provided the wood by keeping its character in tact. And finally, live edge wood helps you feature quality wood sources in your home and add elegance to your project. 

It's Used for Many Construction Projects

Live edge slab can be used in many ways throughout your construction project. Sometimes, large slabs can be used to create a feature wall that frames a fireplace or living room back wall. That gives the home a rustic, wooded feel even if the majority of the home is made from drywall. This works well when the living room is an open space that features a multi-story element. 

Custom furniture makers can also incorporate the wood into furniture. A larger couch or bed frame could be made to incorporate live edge slab. Sometimes, entire cabinet sets are created with live edge wood. 

Perhaps one of the most common places that you will see live edge slab in home decor is with dining room tables. The wood creates an earthy experience that helps diners reconnect with the source of their food—Mother Nature. 

You can quickly see how live edge slab could become a united design element within your construction project if you choose to use it throughout the space. 

If you are interested in exploring the unique benefits of working with live edge, your first step is to explore contractors that provide and work with live edge. They can guide you through the various types of wood to choose from and the ways to work with this special material. For instance, contact a company like Dahlquist Construction, Inc.


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what you can do to reduce heating costs

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