what you can do to reduce heating costs

what you can do to reduce heating costs

Gutter Installation Tips To Reduce Future Cleaning Issues

by Mia Kuhn

If you have recently discovered that some of the gutters that line your home are rusty or covered in holes, then its time to replace the gutters with new ones that are intact and in great shape. If you intend on installing the gutters yourself, then you may make a few mistakes that make the gutters difficult to clean. To avoid some of these mistakes, keep reading.

Add Gutters At The Right Angle

Gutters appear straight when they are installed along the roof edge, but they are actually angled slightly to help move water to the downspout. Not only does angling help to reduce the chances of the gutter overflowing, but it helps to move debris like leaves and dirt out of the gutters before it has a chance to settle. Make sure that gutters are angled correctly when you install them. Gutters should be angled down about one-half inch for every 10 feet of gutter you install. 

To position gutters at the right angle, measure the entire length of the roof edge. Divide this number by 10 to see how many half-inch drops that are needed along the gutter run. Multiply this number by .5 to find out how many inches the gutter will need to drop from one end to the other. For example, if the entire length of the roof ridge is 50 feet, then the gutter will drop 2.5 inches from one end to the other. Place a small nail along the soffit on the left side of the house. On the right side of the ridge, measure down 2.5 inches or the desired drop amount. Purchase a straight line chalk wheel from your local home store. Hold one end of the chalk on the left side nail and ask a friend to hold the other end against the right side nail. When the chalk line string is in place, pull the string up against the soffit to create a mark.

Remove the nails from the roof ridge and use the chalk line to secure the gutter at an angle. For the easiest placement, make sure the chalk sits along the bottom of each gutter piece as you complete the installation.

Opt For Long Gutter Runs

Gutters come in a wide variety of lengths, and you may think that it is easier to add a number of smaller runs to the home. However, this will add seams to the gutters, since each piece needs to be connected. Gutters are connected and sealed around the seams with the help of gutter adhesive. Gutter adhesive is a waterproof polymer glue that sits along the inside edge of gutter lengths. However, there will still be a seam inside the gutter channel, and the lip can collect a great deal of debris. 

You should try to purchase long gutter runs to reduce the number of seams that line your gutters. Gutters will often come in 20 to 40 foot lengths, so purchase the longer 40 foot piece if possible. When you do purchase the long gutters, make sure to place a small amount of caulk in the interior of the seam to smooth it out. Use an outdoor silicone caulk, because this material will last the longest.

When using the caulk, place a long bead along the gutter seam. Put some disposable vinyl gloves on your hands and use your finger to smooth out the crack so the seam is smooth. You can use your naked finger to smooth the material as well. However, you will need to use mineral spirits to get the excess off your skin. 

If you want to install gutters yourself, then you should make sure that the gutters are installed the right way to reduce future cleaning issues. To find out more about how to keep gutters clean and clear of debris, ask your local gutter cleaning specialist. 


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what you can do to reduce heating costs

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