what you can do to reduce heating costs

what you can do to reduce heating costs

5 Tips For Maintaining Your Relationship With Your Neighbors While Placing Your Fence

by Mia Kuhn

A fence can be a helpful dividing line between properties. However, installing a new fence can create emotional rifts with your neighbors. Many neighbors resent a new visual barrier going up near their home and may question your motives for installing a fence. Additionally, because fences solidify boundary lines, the placement of a fence can be a source of strife between neighbors. Maintaining a positive relationship with your neighbors while you install your new fence can keep your living situation civil and happy. Following these placement tips can help you keep healthy relationships with your neighbors while installing a fence around your property. 

Discuss Your Fence With Your Neighbors Before You Begin 

Often, the reason neighbors become upset with the installation of a fence is because it is an unexpected change for them. You can prevent an unpleasant surprise by discussing your fencing needs with your neighbors before you begin placing the fence. Let them know why you are installing a fence and what you expect the finished product to look like. If possible, give your neighbors a few days to process the information before you begin installation of the fence. 

Place the Fence Slightly Back From Your Property Line 

Many neighborhoods and cities have rules regulating how close to the property edge you can place your fence. However, even if you are not bound by any rules, it is still a good idea to set your fences a few feet back from your property line. Although you may want to maximize your yard space, a foot or more of space will give you room to make sure your fence stays on your property and any decorations or items that you hang on your fence will not go onto your neighbor's property. 

Place the Better-Looking Side Away From Your Property 

When deciding how to face your fence, you should install the side with posts and hardware towards your property, leaving a clean visual line facing the public and your neighbors. In some neighborhoods this may be the rule, but even if it is not, it is considered the polite way to install a fence. Although the visual difference between the two sides may be minor when you purchase a high-quality fence, it is still considered proper fencing etiquette. 

Choose a High Quality Fence 

If you want to keep your neighbors happy, you should choose a high-quality fence that serves your needs and looks visually pleasing. This will not only make the fence easier for your neighbors to look at, but it will also help raise the property value of your home and the homes around you rather than pulling down the property value of the neighborhood. This does not mean that you need to purchase the most expensive fence available, but you should purchase a fence with solid construction and that will weather well. 

Take Steps to Beautify Your Fence 

Finally, you should take steps to maintain and beautify your fence while it is in place. If you have a chain link fence, you have several options for creating a visually pleasing fence, such as painting it, adding fence slats, or covering the fence in rolled wood fencing. Even if you do not upgrade your fence, you should regularly inspect for rust or bending of the fencing and rectify any problems you find. These options give you a beautiful fence, which both you and your neighbors will appreciate, while allowing you to have the strength and security of a chain link fence. 

Adding a fence to your property is a highly personal decision, and only you can determine your exact fencing needs. However, it is important to take into consideration how your neighbors will react to the installation of a new fence and to take steps to prevent any negative feelings from developing between you and your neighbors. Contact companies like Nickelston Fence Inc for more information.


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what you can do to reduce heating costs

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