what you can do to reduce heating costs

what you can do to reduce heating costs

How To Rejuvenate A Concrete Surface

by Mia Kuhn

Before you consider outright replacing your concrete surface, you may want to try a quicker fix that involves filling in cracks and laying a new surface layer. Here are the steps it would take to rejuvenate an asphalt surface. 

Get Rid of Debris

Before you start working with the concrete, it's important to clear away any dirt and debris that is on your driveway. The goal is to avoid trapping any debris inside the new concrete layer. You can use a hose or power washer to remove debris. 

Patching Smaller Cracks

Patching little cracks in the surface of your concrete is fairly easy to do with tools you can get at your local hardware store. Perhaps the easiest tool to work with for asphalt crack repair is a squeeze tube of concrete dressing. You can squeeze the material directly into the crevices in your concrete. Use a pallet knife or putty knife to work the dressing deeper into the cracks, making sure there are no air pockets. When you finish with this step, you should have a fairly flat surface to work with when you pour the top concrete layer, so be sure to smooth over each crack carefully. 

Covering Your Expansions

The concrete expansions are the sectional breaks in your concrete surface. Be sure that you cover these before you begin pouring new concrete, since they are crucial for allowing your concrete to expand at will. You can purchase plastic channel material that fits neatly into these section dividers. 

Pouring the Concrete

Some homeowners like to pour their own concrete, while others prefer to hand the job over to a professional at this step to make sure the concrete is poured correctly for their asphalt crack repair. Either way, you will need a team of people who are trained and can work with urgency to make sure the job is completed before the concrete begins to harden. One person will continuously mix fresh batches of concrete, following the package directions. The other person will smooth the concrete over the surface, being sure that it doesn't get into the expansions. 

Now that you know the steps for rejuvenating a concrete surface, you may be wondering when this is the best course of action. If the concrete surface has only a few minor cracks spread across the surface, then you probably don't need to replace all of the material, and a patching system like this one will work wonders. If you start to notice cracks that go almost to the bone and cause structural issues, then you may need to consider a full asphalt repair. 

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what you can do to reduce heating costs

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