what you can do to reduce heating costs

what you can do to reduce heating costs

Five Interior Paint Colors That Will Be Wildly Popular In 2016

by Mia Kuhn

If interior painting services are on the schedule for 2016, you'll be glad to know that today's popular paint colors are trending toward muted, subdued shades designed to promote rest and relaxation. Shades with equal mixes of warm and cool tones are also high on consumer preference lists for interior paint colors this year. Following are five colors that will be making their making their mark all over the country this year.

Soft Blue

Milky blues provide an almost faded look reminiscent of fine European homes. Muted blues blend wonderfully with other soft colors such as pale yellow and green, and they also provide a calming ambiance that's welcome in any home environment. Although subtle shades of blue are also not so overpowering that they can't be used on all four walls and ceilings throughout an entire room, these shades also provide pleasant accents. For instance, pale blue windowsills and door frames add understated charm to rooms painted in soft yellows, creams, or other pale. dreamy hues.


White is back as a popular interior paint choice in more shades than ever. Once the go-to of landlords who routinely painted rental properties walls and ceilings stark white in order to create a neutral appearance designed to appeal to as many people as possible, white is a powerful-yet-serene color that works well in both traditional and minimalist environments. For instance, if you want to create an uncluttered, spa-like ambiance in your bathroom, paint it from floor to ceiling in a clean white shade and decorate with a few green plants lining the windowsill. If you want to give your kitchen the atmosphere of an old country farmhouse, paint it eggshell white to provide a clean backdrop for items such as copper pots and pans. You can also accent the kitchen with dusty yellow windowsills for a cheerful note.


Soft gray is an excellent interior paint choice when you want a room that's focused on relaxation, making it a favorite choice for bedrooms. One of gray's best qualities is that it can function as either a warm, cool, or completely neutral hue, and blends well with any color scheme. It can be used alone for a sophisticated effect or used in tandem with creamy whites and milky blues for a more conventional appearance. It also makes a good accent wall and provides an excellent backdrop for displaying colorful wall hangings, paintings, or metal sculpture art, and if you're lucky enough to have a bedroom that looks out onto a scene featuring abundant natural beauty, a quiet gray room will offset the view perfectly.


Most people consider any shade of purple to be too extreme for anything but small accents in home interiors, but soft, muted lavenders are already beginning to be among the most popular paint choices for 2016. Consider using lavender paint in your meditation or reading room. Leonardo Da Vinci believed that the benefits of meditation were increased by 10 when done in an environment featuring lavender light. Soft lavender hues also layer well with colors such as muted blue and pale gray.


Yellow isn't just for sunny kitchens this year -- you'll find it in all areas of the home in 2016. It's an uplifting color that brightens moods, makes smaller rooms appear larger, and adds warm accents to chilly spaces. Certain shades of yellow, such as old gold and muted ocher, are subdued and relaxing enough to be used on the main walls in bedrooms. Yellow also makes an excellent accent when used on trim and comes in such a huge variety of shades that it's possible to find one that works well with any color scheme.

Your exterior painting service professionals will be able to provide more great ideas on trendy new paint colors.


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what you can do to reduce heating costs

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