what you can do to reduce heating costs

what you can do to reduce heating costs

Diamonds Encrusted Tools May Become Your Best Friend

by Mia Kuhn

If you are looking for great cutting or grinding tools that will work well on many of the surfaces that you can work with, you may want to look for diamond encrusted tools. Because diamonds are one of the hardest surfaces on earth, diamond encrusted tools are able to cut and grind surfaces that you would have difficulty cutting and grinding with any other type of tool. Understanding what they are, as well as how to tell them apart, may make you want to choose them to help you to complete your upcoming projects.

What Are Diamond Encrusted Tools?

A diamond encrusted tool, or diamond tool is some type of cutting tool that has small diamond pieces attached or bonded to the cutting edges of the tools. Because diamonds are one of the hardest minerals found on earth, the addition of these pieces allow the tool to cut through materials that are often too hard to be cut with other types of tools. This makes them the perfect tool to use in a wide variety of trades including:

  • Construction
  • Medical 
  • Geological mining
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Jewelry manufacturing and more

Even within the variety of trades, these types of tools can also have a wide variety of uses. You may find them being used for the following:

  • Drilling
  • Grinding
  • Sawing
  • Drawing
  • Polishing
  • Engraving and more

How Do The Tools Differ?

There are literally thousands of tools that fit into the category of being diamond encrusted. One of the best ways to identify them is by the way the diamonds are bonded or affixed to the surface of the tools. Some examples of a few of these various categories include:

Plated diamond tools where the diamonds are attached to the cutting surface of the tool through the use of electroplating or chemical vapor deposition. This allows multiple small pieces to be affixed to a small space and creates a surface that can be used for precision drilling, grinding, or polishing.

Ceramic bonded diamond tools are created when the diamonds are combined in a mixture of ceramic powder and glass. This mixture is then pressed into shapes, goes through sintering, and the materials are then affixed to the tool they will be used on. This process is often used with tools that are used for cutting, grinding, or used to change the the shape of other gemstones. 

Polycrystallines diamond (PCD) tools are those in which micro-sized individual diamonds have been subjected to sintering under high temperatures and high pressure. Instead of being aligned in orderly rows or columns, the PCD are deliberately laid out in a disorderly fashion. This gives the tools a better wear resistance in all directions, as well as superior hardness and fracture toughness. This type of application is normally seen in geological drill bits and machining tools.

Metal bonded diamond tools are one of the most common type of diamond encrusted tools on the market. These tools are created by mixing the small diamond grains with a type of metallic powder and then evenly applying this mixture to the cutting edge. Once it is applied the tool will still go through sintering and mechanical processing. This process is commonly used on diamond saw blades, grinding cups, and core drill bits to just name a few.

Resin bonded diamond tools are created when the diamond bits are mixed with a resin power and other types of fillers prior to being affixed to the tool surface. This method of adherence gives the tool the ability to have self-sharpening properties such as those needed in diamond polishing pads. These types of polishing pads can be a great solution to add sheen back to natural stone.

This is a just a few of the methods in which diamonds can be encrusted onto various tools. There are other methods as well. 

Why Should You Choose Diamond Encrusted Tools?

Although diamonds are expensive, you will find that diamond encrusted tools are not. They are manufactured and designed to be long lasting as well as cost effective. They offer a high wear resistance and will be able to increase your work efficiency, by decreasing the amount of labor intensity that goes into your projects. If you are looking for new tools from retailers like Bourget Bros Building Materials ask about any diamond encrusted tools that are offered in that line. These tools may become your new best friend.


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