what you can do to reduce heating costs

what you can do to reduce heating costs

How To Protect Yourself From Three Public Places That Can Be Dirtier Than A Public Toilet Seat

by Mia Kuhn

Have you ever inwardly cringed when you have had to use the toilet in a public restroom because it seems like such a germ-filled place? Although public toilets do have a lot of germs, they are not one of the dirties places in public. Unfortunately, not all public places keep their common areas and surfaces free of bacteria, germs, and viruses. Here are three public places that can be dirtier than a toilet seat, and what you can do to keep from getting sick.

Public Restroom Sink

The public toilet seat is not the germiest in a public restroom, but the public restroom sink is. The main reason is because all the bacteria and germs from people's dirty hands get transferred to surfaces on the sink as they are washing up. Then, the warm moist environment in the sink allows the bacteria to live and grow.

A swab test recently discovered the bacteria found in a public bathroom sink was at a level of 50,000 counts of bacteria. As a comparison, the toilet seat was only at 150 counts of bacteria. 

The best action you can take to keep yourself safe from these germs is to use soap and warm water when you wash at the public sink. It is important to scrub your hands in a soapy lather for at least 20 seconds. Then, use a paper towel to turn the water off and open the door as you exit the restroom. 

Church Pews

The human mouth can contain different viruses, bacteria, and germs at any given time. Then, the back of the church pews at your local church can be sucked or chewed on on by a baby or young child each week. The church cleaning crews may not always sanitize these each week after church service, so the bacteria will continue to collect on them. 

After a child has left behind their mouth microbes on a pew, you may hold onto the back of the pew as you take a seat in the pews. As soon as you pick up a microbe on your hand, then touch your mouth or nose, you can become sick from the bacteria. Or, if you shake hands with someone at church, you will continue the spread of bacteria.

You can use antibacterial wet wipes and hand sanitizer on your hands and on the pews in front and behind you while you are at church. Then, you and your family members should wash your hands with soap and water to remove all the bacteria as soon as you get home. 

Park Sandbox

The sandbox at the park where you let your children play is also a dirtier place than a public restroom toilet seat. During a recent swab test, a public sandbox was found to have a bacterial population of over 100

When children come to play in the sandbox, they may have leaky diapers and bacteria on their hands and in their saliva, which transfers to the sand. And, sandboxes  can attract animals that use it as their personal toilet. After all, a sandbox may look like one big litter box to a stray cat.  

The only way to fight bacteria in the public sandbox is to not let your kids play there. You can build your own backyard sandbox with an enclosed top to keep out neighborhood animals while your children aren't playing in it.

Many places in public are going to hold bacteria and viruses. You can use these recommendations (and a good janitorial service) to stay healthy around these three dirtiest places. But, the best way to stay germ-free is by washing your hands often with soap and water, and avoid touching your face at all times. Germs will make you sick once they get inside your nose or mouth.


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