what you can do to reduce heating costs

what you can do to reduce heating costs

5 Modern Water Heater Upgrades To Help The Environment

by Mia Kuhn

Water heaters in the home can consume energy a number of different ways depending on the specific setup that you use. To help cut down on gas, oil, or electric costs, there are several modern upgrades that can be made to your water heater. Not only can these upgrades help with your equipment, but they will help cut down on the environmental impact that your hot water tank typically has.

The following five upgrades can be installed by a professional plumber and will make a lot of positive changes to your water heater system.

Tankless Water Heaters

Hot water tanks used to be the only way to deliver hot water into the home at an efficient rate. Through this system, the tank would constantly be filled with hot water and keep it heated so it could be delivered through the piping in the home. Instead of constantly running a hot water tank, tankless systems were invented to speed up the process.

When using tankless water heaters, the water is fed through pipes with heated coils as soon as a water outlet is turned on. This means that energy is only used when the hot water is needed. Access is available instantly. Not only will this help cut down on energy costs, but it could save space in your home by eliminating the water tank.

Water Heater Timers

If you don't have the budget to completely replace your gas water heaters, then a professional plumber can upgrade a current tank with a specialized water heater timer. This timer is installed directly to the tank to only fill and create hot water during the hours when it is used the most.

For example, if you are on a set schedule, the water tank can be set to shut off during your sleeping hours from midnight to 6 am. Not only will a timer installation help save money, but it can easily be adjusted or turned on for emergencies.

Hybrid Water Heaters

Gas water heaters can cost a lot of money through the year and have a large impact on the environment. By investing in a hybrid water heater, you can help the environment and still rely on the same technology that has given you hot water for so many years. A hybrid water heater relies on solar energy.

When sun power is available, the energy will operate the water heater. During cloudy days or nights, back up power is received from gas lines. This mix of power will help the water heater run as efficiently as possible.

Water Heater App Connections

Help control the use of hot water in your home with updated water heater sensors and data tracking. All of the data can be sent directly to your app. Through this process, you have the ability to see how much hot water is used on a daily basis, how much energy is consumed, and the peak moments during the day.

The data tracking is not just a novelty, it can help you be aware of long showers or dish washing sessions that can be trimmed down. Check with a professional plumber to see what types of water heaters are compatible with the app upgrades.

Hot Water Dispensers

A lot of energy is consumed when heating up water for pastas, oatmeal, or a cup of tea. Instead of running the hot water or wasting stove energy, you can have a hot water dispenser installed right in your kitchen. A hot water dispenser is basically like a compact tankless water heater. The device is connected to special piping where the dispenser is installed. It instantly creates hot water for everyday use.

Every home is different, so it's important to contact plumbers for estimates and details on the water heater upgrades available.


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what you can do to reduce heating costs

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