what you can do to reduce heating costs

what you can do to reduce heating costs

How To Eliminate Unnecessary Garage Door Noise

by Mia Kuhn

If your morning commute begins before the sunrise, then you're fully aware of how much noise your garage door creates during its cycle. When you begin cycling your door, you cringe and hope you don't wake up the other members of your house—or the sleeping baby next door. However, if your door is creating excessive noise, then you must do more than simply hope for a quiet cycle. Follow these tips to keep your door as quiet as possible:

Lubricate Your Rollers and Hinges

Your rollers and hinges are a few of the most important moving components in your door assembly. However, as with any moving component, your rollers and hinges must remain lubricated. Otherwise, the bearings in your rollers will cause pitting and your hinge pins will grind anytime they move. Once these forms of damage are present in your rollers and hinges, you must replace them.

Luckily, lubricating your rollers and hinges is an easy task. To lubricate your rollers, you must first remove them from their tracks. Disconnect your automatic opener by pulling the cable hanging from your operator. Use a ratchet and socket to remove the bolts securing one of your hinges to your panels. Angle the hinge and roller so that the roller's wheel can slide out of your guide track.

Blast away any debris inside the roller's bearings with an air compressor or gas duster and apply a generous amount of lithium or silicone lubricant. Spray a thin coating of lubricant around the pin inside your hinge. Reinstall your hinge and roller before moving on to the next panel's hinges and rollers.

An additional benefit of cleaning and lubricating your rollers is preventing your rollers from becoming seized. Once a roller seizes, it will scrape along its guide track and create even more noise. However, cleaning and lubricating your rollers at least once a year will significantly reduce your chances of experiencing a seized roller.

Tighten Your Opener's Chain

Every time you use your garage door opener to cycle your door, your chain will be placed under tension. After years of being placed under tension, your chain will become loose—and when it's loose, it will slap against your chain drive until it completes the cycling process.

Tightening your chain is an even easier task than lubricating your rollers and hinges. To perform this task, all you'll need is a ladder and wrench set.

Shut off the power to your garage door opener and place your ladder beneath your operator. Locate the two nuts on the chain bolt and loosen the nut closest to your opener while tightening the nut on the opposite side of the bolt. Repeat this process until your chain only has a slight amount of sag. However, don't tighten your chain too much: if there's too much stress on your chain, then it will strip your opener's gear teeth.

Search For Loose Fasteners

One of the most basic causes of unnecessary noise are loose bolts and screws in your garage door assembly. Every time your door is cycled, your assembly will experience slight vibrations. Over the course of thousands of cycles, the bolts and screws in your assembly will loosen as they vibrate counter-clockwise. Additionally, your metal fasteners will contract and become loose during cold weather.

However, you cannot simply tighten all the loose fasteners in your assembly. As you may have noticed by now, certain fasteners in your assembly are sprayed with a bright color. Typically, a brightly-painted fastener indicates the bolt or screw is under tension. In such a case, adjusting the fastener poses a risk to your safety. For this reason, leave adjustments of painted fasteners to your local garage door technician.

By following these tips, you'll increase your chances of beginning your morning commute without a complaint from your other household members or neighbors. Additionally, performing these maintenance tasks regularly will increase the lifetime expectancy of your garage door and allow you to identify damaged components before they fail. However, if you aren't able to perform these tasks yourself, or if you encounter a problem that is beyond your understanding, then hire a professional garage door repair technician.


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